All Inground Pools require a customer liner.  We use GLI pool liners for all inground pools.

There is a $140 deposit to measure for customer liners.  This goes toward the cost of the liner.

*Liner prices vary depending on the size and shape of the pool.*

Installation prices 

$975 for a 20 mil liners

$1350 for 27 mil liners

*All repair work to the pool surface is billed additionally on a case by case basis


Battlefield Pool Services 


New Liner Install

Sand Change                $250 to $450

This includes:

Removal of old sand

Cleaning inside of filter and internal pieces

Adding new sand

​Price based on the amount of sand needed for the filter

Vacation visit     $140 per hour

This includes:

Vacuuming the pool

Skimming the top of the water

Emptying out skimmer and hair/lint basket

Backwash filter

brush down the walls and bottom

test water chemistry

add chemicals if needed

​ (chemicals not included in price)

Summer Services 2019

Seasonal Service Contracts

This includes:

Opening of pool in the spring

Weekly cleaning service

Closing pool in the fall

Prices determined by the size of your pool, type of filter, location of the pool.