Seasonal Service Contracts

This includes:

Opening of pool in the spring

Weekly cleaning service

Closing pool in the fall

Prices determined by the size of your pool, type of filter, location of the pool.

Summer Services 

Sand Change                

This includes:

Removal of old sand

Cleaning inside of filter and internal pieces

Adding new sand

​Price based on the size of  the filter

New Liner Install

Battlefield Pool Services 

Vacation visit     

This includes:

Vacuuming the pool

Skimming the top of the water

Emptying out skimmer and hair/lint basket

Backwash filter

brush down the walls and bottom

test water chemistry

add chemicals if needed

​ (chemicals not included in price)


All Inground Pools require a customer liner.  We use GLI pool liners for all inground pools.

There is a $275 deposit to measure for customer liners.  This goes toward the cost of the liner.

*Liner prices vary depending on the size and shape of the pool.*

*water not included in the install, water trucks will be process threw the homeowner*

Installation prices 

Determined by size of pool and location

*All repair work to the pool surface is billed additionally on a case by case basis